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Why Firma Kids


We, as parents, wish to prepare our children as well as possible for the challenges that await them when they grow up. There are numerous things that children simply do not learn at school, among them a great deal of practical knowledge. For example, how businesses operate and where money comes from. Why do some people earn more money and others less? Why is there a crisis, unemployment, why are some companies failing, etc.?


Firma Kids is a learning tool. Firma Kids is based on a game that is fun and educational since children learn the most when playing. Firma Kids was purposely not designed for PCs or tablet PCs since children (and adults) learn more from tangible things that can be touched and by playing with plastic money.


The answer to the question WHY is very simple. Since we, the creators of the Firma Kids educational game, are also parents we are aware that the knowledge obtained by children from playing the Firma Kids game is beneficial for both children and parents. We created the Firma Kids game because we care and because we want to change the world for the better.


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