Set up and run your first company!


People can learn a lot from books. We also learn a lot at school. But it has been proven that learning is most effective when we want to do something ourselves. Experience has proven to be the best teacher. How can we learn to manage a business? By establishing one and running it. The only problem is that it tends to be an expensive and time-consuming project. Why not first try it just as pilots do − in a simulator?


Firma Kids is, in reality, a simple simulator reflecting the operations of a company. It's just like managing a real company, only that everything happens faster with lesser consequences if we make a mistake.


Firma Kids is thus a business simulator – but just a game, nonetheless. The aim of this game is to teach children and adults about entrepreneurship. To show them how companies operate. To show them how to prepare a balance sheet and an income statement.

All this occurs on a large cardboard game board representing a company. The instructions are written on colored cards with chips used to represent money. The game board depicts the circulation of money in the company and the exchange of money, materials, products and services between the company and its external counterparts.


Companies are operating successfully whenever they operate with a profit and when their employees, suppliers, banks, the state and customers are satisfied with them.


Children will comprehend in only a few hours how companies operate and gain invaluable knowledge they will be able to use throughout their lives. Firma Kids is a useful tool even for adult entrepreneurs and employees.


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