Set up and run your first company!


"The game is great, although quite difficult. My niece Kaja (8 years old), for whom I bought the game, is absolutely delighted.


The two of us built a chocolate factory so that it would be easier for her to imagine who the suppliers are, who the customers are, what the products are... In fact, I was really positively surprised that she wanted to make it through all 10 years. We even extended the operation of the company for 2 years.


The preparation of the income statement and balance sheet is also very understandable.


Congratulations and we want more products like this!"

-Barbara Bec, Star Travel, Managing Director 

"Thank you for the Firma Kids game. We tried it with interest in my family. All the members played - me, my wife, my 18-year-old son and my 12-year-old daughter.


A lot of effort had to be put into the creation of the game and the rules for it, so that the outcome of each round of the game ends nicely and then escalates accordingly in the next round (business year).


There were quite a few "ahas" throughout the game as things became self-explanatory. Mainly as far as the balance sheet is concerned, maybe less so as far as the business of the company is concerned. In such a virtual and playful way, the balance sheet was suddenly no longer gibberish, but transparent and logical information about the company's operations.


We enjoyed the game especially from the 4th year of entrepreneurial business onwards, when things become dependent on decisions and circumstances, and at the same time we could compete with each other.


We were interested in finding out how everything "fits" in terms of accounting and how we can also find out through the numbers if someone had "slipped" some product or money.

-Bojan Klančič, Star 2000 d. o. o. 

Matic, 13 year old, likes Firma Kids very much, especially because of the challenge. Or rather, he takes it very seriously. It's really interesting and fun to watch the comments "this year was bad", "what should I use to pay the workers?", etc. It probably brings relief and relief to me too, but what is business but a game we play in life?


In short, after two nights of playing, I am pleasantly surprised by the game, I will recommend it in the future. If you ever organize a competition for 13-year-olds in Firma Kids, our Matic will definitely be there.


-Maks Vrečko, Flaška 

"What I like most is that you come up with what your company will sell. Imperial game!”

Žiga G., 11 years old  

"You need to advertise this game as educational and fun."

Maks K., 15 years old  

"In business, you really have to be careful not to do something stupid."

Nik L., 14 years old 

"Very good because you pay with money and count it. That's how you learn."

Matic Z., 10 years old  

"I like it because you work in your own company and are a manager."

Petar V., 10 years old  

"I like the money in the game the most."

Liza K., 11 years old