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Shipping and delivery in Europe is 2 Eur/box.  The game will be delivered to the designated address (at work or home) within a few days of ordering.


Quantity discounts are also available, namely a 10% discount when ordering two game sets, 15% for three game sets and 20% for four game sets.


To order larger quantities or for a personalized version (your company logo), please send an email to blaz@lisac-lisac.si.

Get more info on our phone number +386 (0)1 5682 876.


Lisac & Lisac d. o. o. 
Dunajska 106, SI-1000 Ljubljana 
tel. +386 (0)1 5682 876 
VAT-ID: S 87036347 
e-mail: natalie@lisac-lisac.si 
web: www.lisac-lisac.si