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Set up and run your first company!
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Firma Kids
Because you love your child

Educational family board game. Children and parents will learn through this fun and educational game. This is something your child will not learn at school.



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Because you love your child

Parents wish only the best for their children. Parents want to teach their children as many useful skills for life as possible. Now is your chance to show your child how companies operate. This board game will help children learn how to run a business and make important business decisions.

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Because this is something they will not learn at school

It's a fact that children don’t learn a number of things at school. We, as parents, know that children do not receive practical entrepreneurial skills in schools in Slovenia , although this is precisely what they will very much need in life. Now there's a solution!

Is the game also suitable for adults?

Educational and fun

This fun family board game will teach the entire family entrepreneurial skills! Children will comprehend how companies operate. They will understand how companies make money and why some companies are more, and others less successful. Firma Kids is the ideal tool for quality and pleasant socializing. While your child runs his or her first imaginary company, you will proudly watch him or her acquire knowledge that he or she will possess for the rest of his or her life. Firma Kids is a great choice which will give your child abundance of knowledge that he or she can use throughout his or her life.

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